Meet your consultants—We believe in team…our team concept has allowed us to maintain a staff of thirteen, give or take a couple folks that love to drop in and pick up a day or two here and there…you will typically see the same people on the same days…we believe that like us, our brides are creatures of habit – they tend to shop on the same days so we strive to keep a pretty consistent staff schedule.  That predictability means that often you work with the same consultant from the first visit all the way through to the alterations and the pickup of your gown!

Your consultant will provide you with their phone number and email address,  and they will assist you every step of the way by keeping track of your appointments,  giving you a timeline to work through all of the demands of your planning.  You will know when to order your bridesmaids, when to write up your tuxedo rentals, when to wrap up your finishing touches – the veil, headpiece and jewelry, and finally when to schedule your alterations.

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Name:  Dave

My favorite food:  Steak and Lobster followed closely by Chicago Style Pizza!

How I like to spend a lazy Sunday Afternoon: A drive to the beach or laying on the couch watching a game or a good movie with Angie.

What I like about the job: Watching the stress leave a bride’s eyes as she finds everything that she needs with us.  Answering their questions and making them feel taken care of is very rewarding to me.

My most memorable moment:  Putting together a wedding from start to finish in just a couple of days to accommodate a family emergency. It was heartbreaking but such a special thing to be a part of.

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Name:  Rebekah

When I veg on the sofa I watch: Private Practice.

What I do in my free time: Cooking and Baking (Do I really have time for a hobby when I have 3 kids??!)

What I love about my job:  Building relationships with my brides!

My most memorable bride:  It’s difficult to pick just one as I’ve been fortunate to work with so many people in over a decade of consulting.  I think my most treasured moments happen when I am able to sell sisters over the years…It makes feel very honored that after working with one, they want to come back and work with me.

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Name: Tori

My favorite foods: Greek is my absolute favorite!! Followed very closely by sushi, Italian and surf & turf with spuds.

In my down time I like to take my Weimaraner out into the woods or to the coast. He loves cuddling when I watch movies to. Family is hugely important to me so we spend a lot of time together. And horseback riding is my passion in life!

What I love about my job is connecting with people during a very significant time in their lives. Being able to offer support, a little guidance and most importantly, peace of mind for a bride’s big day is priceless. A confident, comfortable bride is a beautiful bride!

My most memorable moments have been seeing a bride’s eyes light up, her posture straighten as she stands a little taller and the look on her face when she sees herself in the mirror in her perfect dress. The light beaming from her face is a lovely sight to see.

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Cleora Brock

What I do in my free time: Spend time with family, my better half, and my dog.

Favorite movie: Miracle (The story of the 1980 USA Men’s Hockey team.)

Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite thing about working at the Bridal Gallery: The pure excitement that surrounds every appointment, try-on and alteration. You get the opportunity to play a part in the best day of someones life everyday.

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Name: PJ
My favorite foods: SUSHI or any fresh shell fish. I have a sweet tooth also, so ANYTHING dark chocolate & champagne

My down time: Activities with my2BoyZ & my two chiweenies Henry & Delilah. We enjoy camping and going to wrestling tournaments, horse back riding or a drive to the beach. Of course, “good eats” included somewhere in there.

What I like about the job: It’s a positive environment surrounded by pretty bling! I love finding the right stuff to fit your needs & your budget! And have you feeling like a million bucks.
My most memorable moment: I’ve had so many different situations with so many people in over my experience in retail sales, marketing and consulting.

My saying is “I don’t believe in disposable people” so my clients are a continuous relationship not a one shot transaction! There is always that special occasion that I will be able to help you with!