Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions is the perfect section to check out to get answers to common questions.  Because many brides have the same questions, this is a great opportunity to read information to help answer those questions.

Do I need to make an appointment?

While we prefer appointments, we do our best to accommodate walk-in brides. When scheduling an appointment, we are able to personally talk with you in advance of your appt, gather important information about your tastes and wedding style, and then have some gowns in mind for you when you arrive. Bridal appointments are an hour and a half long and for a more intimate experience, we strongly recommend scheduling your appointment on a weekday when it is generally less busy.

Who should I bring with me?

In our experience, we recommend no more than four people plus the bride. Our seating capacity is four people per party and while occasionally we are able to accommodate large groups, keep in mind that a large group offers a large number of often varying opinions and can add unwanted stress to your decision making process.

Are children allowed during my appointment?

We kindly request that you make other arrangements for children during your appointment, as it can disrupt the environment for other brides, as well as being a safety hazard for the child and the delicate nature of our products. If a child does accompany the appointment, we ask they remain attended in the seating area. We are not able to allow children in our alteration department due to the liability concerns.

What are your payment policies?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. We generally ask for full payment at time of purchase, however, we do have a flexible payment plan that we can build to meet your individual needs so ask your consultant for flexible options if you need them!

What is the average price of a gown?

You should expect to pay between $1000 – $1500 on average, although our gowns range from less than $500 to $2000. We also offer a great bridal outlet department where prices range from $99-$499.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

We absolutely allow pictures! This is a life moment for you and we want you to capture everything that makes it feel special for you to look back on.

May we toast the bride with bubbly?

Please call ahead to speak with your consultant regarding a champagne toast following your “yes to the dress” moment!

How long will it take to get my dress?

Your special order is placed immediately following your visit with us. On average, a wedding gown will take approximately four to seven months to arrive. Rush shipping is occasionally available at an additional charge. For new brides wondering when is best to make their decision, we recommend nine months to a year. Also, it is important to realize retailers have no foresight or control over production and delivery, so it is best to choose your gown early!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

It is industry standard that all sales are final. This includes both out-of-inventory purchases as well as special orders. Once the manufacturer receives a special order, immediately following your visit with us, the pattern begins to be cut and putting a stop to the order is not possible. Any form of deposit is a binding contract in agreement to pay the entire due balance.

Is it customary to tip your stylist?

Many of our clients ask to tip their stylists for excellent service received.  You will have the opportunity when you are purchasing your gown should you choose to include a tip.  Tips go directly to the stylists and it’s a great way to show your appreciation but never a requirement!

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