I was on a buying trip with my store manager a few weeks ago and we were having a quick lunch between appointments.  At a table nearby, there was another store talking with someone about a recent bride’s visit to their salon.  This bride wasn’t wearing any underwear when she arrived to try on wedding dresses and her consultant informed her that she could not try on gowns without undergarments on.  The bride’s future mother in a law jumped up, rushed into the fitting room and peeled off her own panties so that the bride could try on wedding dresses.

Does this sound just a little bit horrifying to you? My manager and I looked at each other with our eyes open wide and decided right then that my next blog had to be about being prepared for your wedding dress shopping appointment. So here we are! We have shared some tips to make your appointment more relaxing and enjoyable for you and your guests as well as your consultant!

  1. Wear the right underwear! Study the picture below for reference! Enough about that! Seriously, call the shop ahead of time and ask them if they provide strapless bras.  We provide strapless bras that work for the average bride but if you have a particular need for your own bra, bring it with you!

wearing the right underwear is pretty important when you are wedding dress shopping!

  1. Bring the right people! This is an important one.  It’s tempting to bring your long lost third cousin to share in the moment but the bigger the entourage, the harder your decision making can be.  More opinions can confuse you and make it difficult for you to focus on YOU.

your entourage might have a tendency to “blurt”

  1. Be honest with your consultant! If you have pictures, be sure to bring them with you. If you have a certain budget, that’s ok!  Share this information with your consultant.  She is there to make you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day so she needs to hear these details.  As you drill down to favorites, be vocal about what you like and what you don’t like because your consultant will be able to take this information and pull the perfect dress for you.


samantha profile photo

Your consultants are here to help you!

  1. Be open minded! Yes, you had your heart set on a ballgown but trust your consultant to challenge your thinking a little bit. Chances are she’s been at this for a little while and she can help you sort through the zillions of options to get to “the one”.  It’s almost always worth it to try on each of the silhouettes and maybe that super crazy beaded bodice with the ruffled skirt that was on that mannequin…you just might fall in love!


  1. Don’t be self-critical… We said it out loud. We are so hard on ourselves and wedding dress shopping is only second to swim suit shopping in the “let’s disappear down the rabbit hole of self-loathing” department.  Try to see yourself the way your fiancé sees you.  Imagine yourself walking down the aisle on your wedding day and see yourself for the beautiful bride you will be.

Let these tips guide you towards the ultimate wedding dress shopping experience.  This should be the most amazing experience of your planning process so be prepared to have fun!  Be prepared to really enjoy the moment.  Happy wedding dress hunting!

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