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Royal Wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Me: What? There’s another Royal wedding? I hadn’t noticed….

Also me:  Following five hours of “research” scrolling through random gowns…I think she’s going to do a pale blush ballgown. It will have Alencon Lace and oh, strapless would be great but WAY too scandalous. Also, the quintessential cathedral veil is a given.

By now we have all heard that there is a Royal Wedding in the immediate future!  It comes after the Winter Olympics, thank goodness, and just before we stop watching TV and head outdoors for the summer season.

How can you not get swept into the buzz about what the beautiful Meghan Markle, who captured the heart of the only remaining single son of Princess Diana, will be wearing on her wedding day? How can you not wonder how she can possibly have everything ready for a May wedding?! Their dresses are spectacular, the venues are grand, and the public turn out by the thousands just to catch a glimpse of that obligatory balcony kiss. The buzz starts with the gown!

Royal Life

She seems to have seamlessly fit into the customs and rigorous lifestyle of the Royal Family.  Naturally she will follow proper customs but it’s so interesting to think about she will balance her personal style with the long list of requirements for Royals walking down the aisle.

I was enamored by the beauty and glamour that Princess Diana possessed. her wedding day as well as the day of her death will be forever pressed into my memory like a flower in its pages.  I loved her fearless approach to life in her later years and the example that she set for her sons in their earliest years was one that I will long admire.

What will she wear to the Royal wedding?

Back to the question!  What’s she going to WEAR?  As speculation rises to a fever pitch, wondering which designer she will choose and what she will be wearing, I decided to look at her personal style to try to paint my own picture.  I love her skin tone!  She would look lovely in a rosy tone or a champagne colored gown.  I love her California-esque easy breezy style!  She seems to prefer simple, clean lines and couture finishes.

A sleek, simple sheath might work great for this.  She would look amazing in a classic trumpet style gown, again really sleek and simple but I’m not sure that would fly for a Royal Wedding gown.  I’m back to the ballgown.  I think she would rock a clean lined ballgown, not too ostentatious but then it’s a Royal after all so I would imagine that a zillion handmade diamante crystals aren’t out of the question.

Whatever she wears, she will be stunning and I hope she stays true to that simple beauty she has!  Stay tuned folks, only four months to wait for that fabulous reveal! I cannot wait for the moment that she steps out for the first time on her wedding day mostly to see if I was right!

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