The Color Purple, specifically Ultraviolet Purple

Pantone Color of the Year

Well, it happened to me!  The Pantone Color of the Year is purple, my LEAST favorite color of the rainbow.  I’ve never cared for purple and I have never understood why.  One of my daughters is a Washington Husky so there’s a LOT of purple in my closet these days.

Here we are though – let’s EMBRACE this fantastic color and explore five amazing ways to bring ULTRAVIOLET into your wedding!

purple bridesmaid dress

Incorporate purple with your bridesmaid dresses

1.  Bridesmaid Dresses

The easiest way to bring a dramatic pop of your wedding color is to dress your girls in it!  Purple dresses are everywhere – short or long in a zillion brilliant purples. Consider layering your shades for a beautiful display of ombre with varying shades from light to dark.

2.  Put the guys in a matching vest and tie!

Every girl loves a sharp dressed man and there’s just something about a guy in purple, right?  It’s classy!  It’s regal and rich!  If your groom is resisting you, pitch the idea of putting the groomsmen in purple.  He can wear a coordinating color or something close to the color of your wedding dress.

purple wedding bouquet

Beautiful Purple Wedding Bouquet

3.  Purple flowers!

The most beautiful flowers are in the family of purples and plums and it’s a great way to bring color to your wedding. You can incorporate some additional complimentary colors such as greens and pinks.

4.  Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece

Fun conversation starters for your tables

Keep your centerpieces personal and intimate.  Let them be your “table topics” to get conversation started easily at the table.  It’s a fun way to make a statement about yourselves as a couple.

wedding cocktail

Your own special wedding cocktail

5.  Funky and unique

I mean, why not?  Who doesn’t want a memorable element that is different from all of the weddings you’ve been to?  Think of bringing purple into your palette in an unexpected way. Get inspired!

Find your inner purple!

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